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Were here to shake things up.  We don't want to make bikes that you can't ride or that cost an arm and a leg.  The standard custom builders model is take your money, make you wait 6 months (at least), then give you a bike you end up selling a year later because you can't stand to ride it.


And lets face it.  Stock bikes suck.  Sure, they do exactly what you expect them to. They are predictable, safe and boring but they are easy to buy and easy to insure. Devils Head Choppers takes your current bike, or builds you one from scratch, and improves it to be better than you can imagine in both looks and performance.

The world of custom bikes has shifted and evolved over the years.  From the Frisco style choppers of the 60's and the psychodellic paint jobs of the 70's, to the low lean 2000's choppers and the minimalistic West Coast style.  One thing will never change: Classic lines and great handling.  We build bikes that beg to be rode hard.  Power, handling, stability are all important!  If the scoot sucks to ride or scares you shitless you will hate it.  We combine classic simple style with proven and exacting frame geometry to give you the best looking and handling bikes.  Period.


Compromising quality is not an option when your ass is flying down the road. We give you more value for the money.  A motorcycle, exactly how YOU want it, and in a price range that competes with The Factory's manufactured bullshit.  Get the real thing at a fair price and without the multi-year waiting list.

Colorado Native​

Brandon Mize

- Owner and Founder of

Devils Head Choppers

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